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Industrial, Commercial, Residential Tube Axial and Inline Duct Fans

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Airdistributor company offers one of the widest range of sizes, horsepower and performance levels of tube axial and inline duct fans on the market today. We offer direct drive and belt drive tube axial fans rated from 390 to 59,800 CFM with static pressure capability up to 1-1/4".

Direct Drive Tube Axial Duct Fans are best used for exhausting or supplying relatively clean ambient temperature air. They are available in smaller sizes for areas with reduced airflow needs and require practically no maintenance. They are used for typical commercial and industrial applications as general building ventilation, enclosed garages, paint spray booths, heat and smoke ventilation systems and other applications where air is moved through a duct system against moderate static pressure.

Belt Drive Tube Axial Duct Fans have the motor and drives located outside of the exhaust airstream and are especially suited to handle fumes, vapors, steam, dust, smoke and contaminated or heated air to 200ยบ F. They are available in larger, higher capacity sizes and offer ease in adjustment of fan performance by reducing the fan RPM with adjustable motor sheaves.
Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans are designed for commercial and industrial ventilation applications. Inline centrifugal fans typically have backward curve impellers. The backward curved impellers design is capable of operating in high pressure systems with a relatively clean air stream. Inline centrifugal duct fans are often used to boost the air flow flow through long or complex duct runs and for continuous operation.

Special coatings, spark/explosion proof construction, and custom options such as access panels, inlet/outlet guards, companion rings and support legs are available on most models and brands of our tube axial and inline duct fans.