Air Circulators

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Industrial, Commercial, Horticulture/Agriculture Grade
Air Circulating Fans & Mounts

 Industrial Air Circulators, Commercial Air Circulators, Light Duty Air Circulators

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As the name implies, recirculation or circulation fans are designed to circulate air throughout your building or warehouse. The main purpose of air recirculation is to cool and control the climate to reduce heat stress on your employees and machines to keep production at the maximum level. Recirculation fans keep your building dry by reducing the collection of moisture and condensation, and will also dispel gasses and odors.

Industrial grade 
air circulators are designed for continuous use in industrial settings such as manufacturing facilities. They typically have totally enclosed motors which is important when used in a dusty or dirty environment. They typically have a higher air flow, more horse power and a longer warranty than their commercial counterparts. Available in a variety of mounting options such as pedestal mount air circulators, wall mount, ceiling mount, pole mount, I-Beam mount, suspension mount and even cart mount.

Commercial grade 
air circulators are designed for occasional use in clean and dry commercial applications such as schools, shops, offices or warehouses. Commercial grade air circulators cost less than their industrial counter part but generally do not deliver as much air flow, have less horsepower and have a shorter warranty. In general it is a lighter construction product.

Horticulture/Agriculture grade 
air circulators are designed for air destratification, heat stress relief, insect control, surface drying, people and animal cooling. These agricultural grade air circulating fans are often corrosion resistant, designed for easy cleaning and clogging prevention. Most air circulators found in this catagory come with a variety of mounting and performance options.

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