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Bitcoin Mining

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 Crypto Currency and Bitcoin Mining

Bicoin or Crypto Mining Ventilation
One of the most important things to consider after selecting your crypto mining hardware, electrical requirements and shelter needs is planning how to remove all that unwanted heat generated by your Crypto Miners. Crypto mining ventilation is an essential aspect of any cryptocurrency mining operation. The mining machines used in these operations require a cool environment to operate efficiently enough for the operation to be profitable. Therefore, a significant amount of the energy needed for any cryptocurrency mining operation is used for cooling. Bitcoin miners or Antminers typically exhaust around 200-300 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). Air conditioning will cut into your (ROI) or return on investment and is not necessary because antminers typically have no hard drives so they can run hotter than a computer server (consult manufacturer). Getting rid of the heat generated by your antminers as quickly and efficiently as possible is critical to the health of your mining operation and its profitability. Not only do you have to consider the total cfm generated by your bitcoin miners but you also need to factor in the size of the space where the miners are located and even the ambient air temperature where the miners are operating. Removing the unwanted heated air from your Crypto Mining operation should be accomplished quickly and effective.

Exhausting the heat through wall exhaust fans and or roof exhaust fans or pressurizing the space and allowing the hot air to escape through louvers or motorized shutters are a popular way of removing heat from an antminer farm. The size of the room or structure is also an important factor along with the number of antminers present. Typically the larger the room and the higher the quantity of bitcoin miners, the more CFM required. A general example would be a metal building 30' x 30' with a 20' average ceiling height = 30" x 30' x 20' = 18,000 Cu.Ft. If you had the building packed full of miners, you may need to exchange the air as fast as every 10 seconds. So you would need 1 minute or 60 seconds/10 seconds = 6 x 18,000 Cu.Ft. = 108,000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) to be able to accomplish this along with an adequate amount of filtered supply air to adequately feed the exhaust fans to minimize pressure lost. Clean fresh air is a must to help the exhaust fans to run efficiently and supply the proper ventilation and velocity required to get rid of that lingering heat.

Shipping Container Crypto Mining
Is one of the most popular ways of crypto mining or bitcoin mining. Shipping containers are a relatively in-expensive platform to build a crypto mining complex because the containers themselves are relatively low cost, very durable, strong and can be easily modified without much reinforcement to accommodate exhaust fans, intake louvers, filter banks, variable frequency drives, data cables, static pressure sensors or any equipment relative to keeping the container cool and well ventilated with little monitoring or outside effort. They are easliy modified in a remote location and shipped to the crypto mining site where weather, power costs, labor costs etc. effect your bottom line. One popular method to cool your mining complex or pod is through pressurization accomplished through supply fans. This allows the antminers to be fed with fresh outside air. You can then direct the cooling discharge fans on the miners themselves to push the hot air outside the container through Shutters, Louvers, or a Weather Hood. Negative pressure or exhausting the air is another popular method. This can be accomplished through roof top exhaust fans or wall exhaust fans to exhaust the air and louvers, shutters etc. to supply the air.

Air Exchange Rate
Refers to the rate at which outdoor air replaces indoor air within a room or space. It is measured in air changes per hour (ACH) and is an essential parameter in determining indoor air quality. Typically the more heat being generated and the more sensitive the equipment to the heat, the more important the Air Exchange Rate becomes. A confined space such as a shipping container packed with Crypto Mining Equipment may want an air exchange rate as high as 900 times an hour in a hot climate as opposed to a warehouse facility in a cold climate with a small number of miners to square foot ratio may only want an air exchange rate at 120 times an hour.


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